We are developing a platform for contactless and customized retail experiences that will break down barriers in more ways than one.

Our mission is to completely redefine the cannabis retail store in fundamental ways that will advance human interaction with computers, ensures a contactless experience, and maximization of time and revenue. The modern retail environment must now take into consideration social distancing, improving cost efficiencies, and automated systems to help limit exposure of customers to employees.  The system currently being developed utilizes existing secure technologies in new and innovative ways that fully comply with complex cannabis regulatory systems and create a seamless experience for all customers that integrates easily with an existing dispensary’s infrastructure or can be easily adopted by new locations under construction.

  • Contactless – Our contactless system integrates with e-commerce and software that automates the entire retail experience while still maintaining a personal touch.
  • Efficiency – Time is money and with our system it is possible to limit customer interaction with employees while also improving the efficiency of those employees.
  • Experiential – Our system is going to use technology and the latest techniques in human computer interaction to ensure a custom and tailored experience for customers that will have them telling their family and friends about it.

At Justness, there are no rules and we dare to create new things and make an impact on the status quo in the cannabis industry. The transformation of retail into a technological and contactless experience will need to rethink the entire process from end to end. Buying cannabis products shouldn’t be boring like waiting in a line at Disney World. Modern retail should be an unforgettable custom experience that simultaneously empowers individuals and communities harmed by cannabis prohibition. The system being developed not only uses technology to wow customers, it maximizes space and employee productivity, which will create a turnkey solution for smaller cannabis operators to open and operate in the industry.

We are redefining what a luxury cannabis product should be by finding rare genetics, using new technology, and developing a completely customized experience for our clientele.

Justness develops its products with the serious connoisseur and affluent consumer in mind. Different people have different needs, but everyone can participate in repairing the harms of the drug war. Products we develop are always developed with genetics and rarity of flavor profiles in mind while also being considerate of how profits from our products can help victims of mass incarceration.

  • Luxury Market – Our focus is on creating timeless and rare products that combine with our luxury retail experiences tailored to appeal to social justice minded consumers.

  • Business of Scarcity – Justness plans to develop products from plant to customer that are rare and limited in both quantity and availability with sought after flavor and effects profiles.

  • Members Only – Accessing some of our more most desired products will involve being invited when and where to purchase the product through our delivery service or at one of our partner retailers.

Justness is creating its own unique innovative retail facilities and delivery experiences, centered around products instead of points of sales, social justice instead of the status quo, and customers instead of management. We intend to highlight our partner social equity entrepreneurs branded product lines with unique displays, inventive retail experiences, and contributions back to communities harmed most during the war on drugs.

Redefining Luxury Retail & Product Experiences

We are pushing the limits of what is possible in retail, manufacturing, and social equity with our contactless retail platform and unique product niche aimed at only the most affluent cannabis consumers.

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