The recently announced cannabis establishment delivery license presents new opportunities for social justice and economic opportunities in municipalities.

Marijuana Establishment Delivery Licenses launched by the Cannabis Control Commission in 2020, provide municipalities a new avenue to generate revenue from cannabis sales in their jurisdiction without being required to have a marijuana establishment in their city or town. Courier delivery licenses are restricted by regulation from storing cannabis within their office or delivery vehicles which immediately eliminates many security concerns traditionally expressed by law enforcement. For municipalities that don’t want to locate a marijuana establishment at all, delivery provides a possible avenue where citizens that want cannabis can get safe access, with the city or town still benefiting from revenue generation, without the security or public health concerns associated with traditional marijuana retail stores. Courier delivery licensees must return any unsold cannabis to the retail store or manufacturer/cultivator of origin before turning in for the night. Wholesale Delivery licenses are now also available and require warehousing of cannabis in secure facilities monitored 24 hours a day. These unique distinctions combine with some of the strictest security regulations on delivery ever written by a state agency to create a new pathway for economic growth and social justice across the Commonwealth.

  • No Marijuana Establishment Required – For municipalities that would rather not have a marijuana establishment located in their jurisdiction, delivery licenses offer an alternative that can still generate revenue in a fashion similar to cities and towns with operational marijuana establishments.
  • No Marijuana Stored Onsite – Marijuana Establishment Delivery licenses are not required to store marijuana at the site of the establishment or in any delivery vehicle overnight.
  • Public Safety First – The regulatory body governing marijuana delivery to consumers requires two agents in the vehicle, track and trace software, body cameras, GPS tracking, and other public safety measures.
  • The Small Business Option – Because Marijuana Establishment Delivery license holders do not have to store marijuana overnight, the startup costs are much lower than traditional marijuana licenses and actually make sense for a small business, allowing exponentially quicker turn around and startup time.

  • Wholesale License – The Cannabis Control Commission has recently approved a Wholesale Delivery license type which will allow delivery from secure warehousing facilities direct to adult consumers.

Massachusetts Delivery License holders in Massachusetts have to follow the strictest security regulations in the United States governing delivery of cannabis to consumers. This includes strict track and trace systems, randomization of delivery routes, requiring two drivers on every delivery, body cam requirements, and GPS tracking. The body of regulations 935 CMR 500.145 governing additional requirements of delivery licenses is a shining example of the public safety first approach taken by the Cannabis Control Commission on important issues that impact public health and safety of the public such as delivery of marijuana and marijuana products.

Beyond these municipal and public safety benefits, Delivery licenses are currently only available to state certified Economic Empowerment Priority Applicants and Social Equity Program Participants. This license only became available on May 28, 2020 and provides a unique set of advantages over traditional license types for small business entrepreneurs including being able to operate in multiple municipalities without much overhead. The delivery license is currently reserved for state certified Economic Empowerment Priority Applicants like Justness until at least 2022 in order for the Cannabis Control Commission to fulfill on their legislative mandated equity goals to develop a diverse and equitable industry. The Commission actually regulates the ownership and control of Economic Empowerment Priority Applicants like Justness to ensure that we do not get taken advantage of by large multi-state cannabis operators. Cities and towns are guaranteed that when they work with us, they are dealing with a locally owned small business and not a huge conglomerate. This also remains a major opportunity for municipalities to contribute positively to the state mandated social justice acts for the cannabis industry while ensuring public safety and health remains primary in their communities.

We received Delivery-Only Pre-Certification to operate a Delivery-Only Marijuana Establishment from the Cannabis Control Commission.

Justness has received a Delivery-Only Pre-Certification (PDOA103161) from the Cannabis Control Commission. This represents that we submitted responsive documentation and expressed a propensity to successfully operate a Delivery-Only Marijuana Establishment. We are now allowed to utilize this pre-certification approval to support our search for a host community, municipal partners, marijuana retailer partners, and also move forward with the remainder of the Commission’s licensing process. Because of our Economic Empowerment priority status in licensing, we expect a very quick turn around on provisional licensure once we have established our presence in our host community. Once established we expect our growth to be swift with broad access to a wide range of products across multiple municipal regions in Massachusetts. Below are some of the benefits of working with a Economic Empowerment priority applicant (EEA202380) and Delivery-Only Pre-Certified company:

  • Expedited Licensing – Economic Empowerment Priority Applicants like Justness are the first to be reviewed in the licensing queue by the Cannabis Control Commission ensuring lightning turn around time on licensure and municipal benefit.
  • Municipal Revenue – Marijuana Delivery Establishments can create revenue for municipalities that allow marijuana retailers to operate or have notified the Commission that delivery may operate within its borders.

  • Social Equity Hiring Requirements – The state mandates that our Economic Empowerment business Justness hire 75% of our employees from areas of disproportionate impact and 51% having a record of a non-violent marijuana offense.
  • Ownership Restrictions – The Cannabis Control Commission mandates ownership requirements on Economic Empowerment businesses to ensure “Big Cannabis” does not control or operate the business.

Justness has developed a unique and scalable business model that will allow for rapid expansion across the Commonwealth by using disruptive technology platforms, top tier customer service, and strong relationships with the municipalities in which we operate. Our innovative delivery platform is centered around products instead of points of sales, social justice instead of the status quo, and customers instead of management. We intend to also highlight other social equity entrepreneurs product lines with unique marketing, inventive retail signup experiences inside marijuana retailers, and contributions back to communities harmed most during the war on drugs.

Justness believes the transformation of retail into a technological and contactless experience through delivery is a once in a lifetime opportunity to disrupt the cannabis economy in fundamental ways and rethink the entire process from end to end. Buying cannabis products should be exciting and hold intrinsic value to the consumer while also creating new efficiencies for staff and operations based on data and analysis of that data. Justness plans to strategically use technology to wow customers, ensure compliance, maximize employee productivity, and enforce security best practices. Contactless retail experiences like delivery should be an unforgettable customized experience that simultaneously empowers individuals and communities harmed by cannabis prohibition. We believe our brand will embody this modern delivery experience and provide an outlet for social justice minded cannabis consumers throughout the Commonwealth.

Pre-Certified For Delivery

We are a fully compliant Cannabis Control Commission pre-certified Marijuana Establishment Delivery applicant that is seeking partnerships with municipalities and marijuana retailers that want to increase revenue and engage in restorative justice.

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