As an Economic Empowerment applicant we are seeking mentors, partners, and collaborators to help bring our contactless platform, manufactured products, and frictionless retail experiences across the industry. Our goal is to partner with ethical companies that see the future is catering to social justice focused consumers and products that give back to those harmed by prohibition. We also seek to partner with other economic empowerment priority applicants, social equity applicants, and victims of mass incarceration on developing ideas, products, and brands that focus on social justice and restorative justice.

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If you are seeking partners to develop social justice focused branded products or businesses, we want to hear from you.


We are currently seeking long term partners and collaborators to bring our company into the mainstream. Let’s discuss a time to meet to go over the possibilities.


We are open to participating in company accelerators of incubators for specific goals of our business plan.


Invest in social justice focused brands and products as well as technology to disrupt the traditional retail paradigm.